A howling night

“Oh what a night” and I am not referring to the song either though the time is appropriate!  Shortly after the 10pm news ended my wife & I started to watch the British soap opera, “Downtown Abbey”.  Normally, this time of the night is quiet.  This night would be different!  A cacophony of sounds began as commercials played, first the sounds were indistinguishable from the television.  The low volume animal noises grew louder.  I have noted in the past that rather then run near the houses as a pack the coyotes prefer to travel in the arroyo back of our home and their sounds are about what we were listening to this night.  Unlike previous nights though, this one seemed different.  The coyotes sounded much nearer then before as their sounds swelled to a howl, the coyotes were in fine voice tonight.  Their voices rattled the windows and I thought I might even hear their footfalls as they ran past the back fence or were they actually in our backyard.

#$@!*&%% – I pulled the trail camera yesterday to change out the memory card and put in fresh batteries but remembered too late it was still sitting on my desk.  Sorry folks no visual records of the night’s events!  As I went out this morning to replace the camera I was astounded at what I did not see.  The coyote pack of last night had to have been ghosts because the ground all the way out to the edge of the arroyo was pristine, not a single undisturbed stone or crushed plant.  No prints in the sand other then those of past visits.  No- I have no ideal how that much noise was generated without any evidence of what made the sounds.

Stay tuned and we will see what is revealed in future visits to the Coyote Cam.