To Hunt or to Haze?

Coyote hunting contests re-emerge as a possibility to control Coyote populations.

New Mexico, like a lot of other states, permitted Coyote hunting contests and from all appearances, will continue to allow the activity to continue.  Over the past several years some New Mexico citizens decided the Coyote hunting contests were unacceptable.  Those same citizens once again purposed a change to the laws via Senate Bill 253, the Senate subcommittee hearing the bill is comprised of a Democratic majority.  The Senate then passed the bill on Feb. 15, 2015 passing same over to the House Water, Agriculture and Wildlife committee for further deliberations.  As of the date of this blog the House subcommittee has not acted on the bill and few doubt the Republican House favors its passage.  Stand tuned we will report the outcome when it is made public.

Expanding to the national scene

Don’t think that a little cold water and ice will stop our four legged predator friends?  Seems members of a Coast Guard Ship breaking ice in Boston Harbor came across a Coyote in an unusual spot.  Coyotes will expand and contract their ranges relevant to their food sources and den capabilities.  Finding a Coyote in the middle of a frozen Boston Harbor is not so far fetched.  Readers may recall an article posted in this blog concerning Coyote trappers in Alaska.  If a Coyote can make it there they can make it anywhere – sound familiar?

It seems more Coyote encounters are finding their way into this document.  Chappaqua, N.Y via CBS on March 3, 2015 reported more and more Coyotes are being spotted and some packs are being seen.  One of the pest professionals interviewed advised he was using a rubber, leg trap with an alarm whenever the trap is tripped.  Some of those citizens affected offered suggestions from learning to live with the predators while others deemed extermination to be the best practice.  In another internet blog, Northjersey.Com reported on Feb. 28, 2015 of a Coyote being seen and recorded by Englewood Cliff’s Upper School and Memorial Field security cameras.  The Coyote appears to have made this part of its territory as the sightings at this location are being repeated.  A number of animal control personnel stated for the Northjersey.Com the Coyotes are here to stay.  Saying this part of the country has permitted timber and brush to reclaim much of the surrounding land which provides ready habitat for both the Coyote and its natural prey such as rodents.  In one sense Coyote presence may be good- the Coyotes kill the rodents off prior to the rodents becoming disease infested.  However, the addition of human created garbage and household pets is insurance the roaming Coyotes will never go hungry as well the near by brush and high grass provide Coyotes shelter.

Meanwhile, Pittsburg and Kansas are reporting an increase in the number of Coyote encounters and police there are warning residents to be on the alert.  Hazing is one possible way to scare off unwanted animals and Coyotes do seem to avoid areas of anti-social behavior. Chicago has decided to begin using “paint balls!”  Who knows lets hope it works.   As has been reported here ad-infinitum; garbage, pets and their food bowls must be kept secure.  More and more material also suggests keeping nearby areas free of debris and or vegetation which might create potential den sights.  Until next month’s edition- carry a big stick when taking your walk!


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