Coyotes are not going away

Three different media reports provide a different perspective on Coyotes.

Montgomery Advertiser (Montgomery, Alabama)

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)

Finding the Right Track by Melissa Groo (Outdoor Photographer)

Good, Bad or Indifferent; Coyote contact has and will always be there. A few of these confrontations will result in injuries for animal or human and more often then not, both!  As has been mentioned several times in previous postings Coyotes are not a new problem.  These predators have lived in their present locations long before the rest of us arrived.  As the Winter of 2015 – 2016 comes to an end Coyotes enter their annual breeding cycle.  Also, it is during this cycle their hunting area expands in order to support the continuation of that species.  Pups from the previous year will be pushed out to fend for themselves and these now mature adults will attempt to establish their own territories.  Coyotes become more noticeable prowling closer to human habitats all the while exhibiting less fear of humans.

The confrontation between the Coyote and humans will occur whether it be urban or suburban. The obvious difference is that in an urban setting the human will be protecting livestock with the legal ability to kill predators.  Conversely, in almost all suburbs predators can only be hunted by a licensed agent and little if any killing of the predator is permitted on site.  Yes, there will be those suburbanites demanding that the varmint that killed “Fluffy” be destroyed.  However, many state laws protect predators and instead of disposing of the problem the problem is moved.  Some problems find their way back and only after a third confrontation is it possible to terminate the offending animal.

City parks provide a wonderful place to be outside and enjoy the day. Humans gather in these handy recreation sites with their children sunning, playing and having a picnic.  Most trash containers seen at these locations are nothing more then simple wire webbed bins, easy to pull food coated paper through late at night after the humans have gone home.  The paved parking lot or maintenance shacks often have depressions or holes under or in which to live.  Oh yes, across the street from the park is the neighborhood.  Birdfeeders, pet food bowls, Fluffy and Tabby plus the occasional firewood stack which offer both food and shelter to the suburban predator.   It is not a bad life wondering from the park to the less then manicured homes of humans.

Coyotes like all other predators go to where the food source and shelter is quick and easy. Predators do not stay where they are unwelcome.  Like the over eager photographer, the wild life subject will leave when pressure comes to bear.  That or the wild life will attack the lackadaisical photographer.  Coyotes will survive but where they choose to survive is the question.  If low but constant pressure is brought to bear Coyotes will find other hunting areas and move.  If the aim is to kill the Coyote off it wont happen as been made emphatically clear through out the majority of ranches and farms in this country.

Stay tuned – there is more to come on the Coyote Cam!


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