Seems Strange

Of the many things one might assume is that Coyotes will survive but something strange has taken place.   Has the story of Bobcat and Coyote confrontation been accurately reported?  Seems a report from South Carolina would suggest that Bobcats are actively intervening and stopping Coyote encroachment.  For the complete story see the following link:

On the other hand another story exhibits why Coyotes have survived.  Coyotes make every day a learning experience, they adapt to their surroundings.  From the moment a Coyote pup comes into this world they are learning two skills, where and what to eat to finding shelter.  Along that path to survival Coyotes exhibit the single most important rule for obtaining food and shelter:  “He that fights and runs away, May turn and fight another day; But he that is in battle slain, Will never rise to fight again.” Tacitus

Read more at:

Coyotes have the innate ability of knowing when to stand their ground and fight but also, when to run.  The following story gives a different view about Coyote learning though the story’s end is vague.  Nonetheless, this story provides yet another view of how Coyotes assimilate their surroundings.  Coyote versus Cougar – who comes out on top?

There we have two different Coyote stories.  One in which the Coyote seems to give up ground yet the second story might suggest the Coyote isn’t going anywhere.  All things considered, the Coyote will survive.  You may not see the Coyote out there but he / she is just beyond your view and they are watching, waiting and scheming for their opportunity to continue their survival.

Stay tuned there is more to come from the Coyote Cam.  Thanks for your readership!


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