Weather too hot you say?

What about the weather?

Over the past year this blog has specifically focused on Coyote interactions with humans. The material for this blog originates with the public media and to some extent, governmental agencies (including the National Parks Service).  It seems every media article these days talks about the presence of Coyotes in and around our neighborhoods.  Some reports imply or even declare the Coyote to be more then just a nuisance but a threat to families and their pets.  Those media articles reflect that Coyote populations are on the rise and locations that have never seen predators now discuss their Coyote problem, even in the depths of winter.  Up until just recently there were multiple occurrences of Coyote activity being reported almost weekly

This summer the media has not reported Coyote stories as they did the past Spring and late Winter season. So what has happened to the Coyotes?  Summer is here!  Nature is as sensitive to weather as are we humans.  As this article is being written meteorologist across the nation are reporting a “dome of heat” crossing the country. Without air-conditioning young and old perish due to dehydration and over heating.  Did you know that corn sweats?  Any high school student can tell you that plants primarily absorb moisture through their root system.  During the summer growing season corn will sweat and humidity in and around corn fields becomes elevated.  However, the “heat dome” is so intense it is actually forcing the “sweat” back into the corn.  Folks – that’s hot!  Nature centers on preservation and even the lowly Coyote understands the impact of summer heat.  Without shade (sun protection) and a way to cool (sweat; nature’s air-conditioning) Coyotes, just like all animals including humans, will die.  Coyotes can survive wider temperature swings then humans but none the less, sever temperature swings will eventually kill the Coyote family.  The Coyote (predators and raptors) will assume a smaller hunting window to lessen exposure to the elevated summer temperatures.

On the other hand, predators and raptors tend to be more intense knowing their window for successful hunting has shrunk.   It is for this reason the usual warning reminder carries a bit more weight; don’t leave pet food outside, garbage unsecured, pets out off a leash!  Don’t forget your self either, plenty of mosquito repellant, sun-block and lots of hydration.  Limit your time outside during the daylight hours.  You are Welcome!

Stay Tuned – there is more to come on the Coyote Cam.


Really? Feds Need Help – Collecting Coyote Poop

There was a movie not too long ago entitled, The Last Emperor.  The story recalls the life of Pu Yi, China’s last Emperor whose capture by the Red Army ended that country’s Sovereign rein.  In one episode Pu Yi recalls memories of growing up in the Forbidden City.  Pu Yi relates to the viewers that his life was predestined and all manners of medical oversight given him to insure a healthy life.  One particular instant involved the Royal Stool Smeller, it was that person’s job to smell the youngster’s excrement to determine if any ills were present.   Wouldn’t you like to have that job?

Well if you hurry you can still get in on the ground floor. OK, it will not be to determine what ails animals but it will entail locating and bagging Coyote poop to analyze what they are eating.  It seems this writer has a desert rabbit that has decided it likes our backyard thyme plant, pictures to follow.  Unfortunately for the rabbit its desire to consume herbs may well make it the local Coyote’s next meal.  Pictures will not follow that event!  Readers will recall Coyotes C144 and C145 from the last posting.  Those two urban Coyotes can be differentiated from suburban Coyotes in that they maintain home territories within parks and undeveloped urban lands.  Urban Coyotes are the ones most scientist are interested in observing.  What do they eat?  Fruit from backyard fruit trees?  Vegetables?  The random kitty / puppy- what exactly do these urban Coyotes exist on?

For an extended insight into the real story of “Searching for Coyote Poop” use this embedded link:

Stay tuned- there is more to come on the Coyote Cam