Coyotes are every where

It seems that rural folks have predators while urban residents have nuisances.

Hmm – OK!  During this past May several stories detailing Coyote and human interactions from Rhode Island to Orange County California continue to reinforce that the Coyote is here to stay.  Interestingly, Colorado has started testing a new method to control the interaction between Denver residents and their nuisances.  Basically, the plan is to eliminate Coyotes exhibiting bold or overly aggressive characteristics thus “weeding out” that part of the Coyote gene pool. Those Coyotes that run when confronted are allowed to escape into the background. The article posted in the Denver Post has drawn some negative feedback from residents who question the validity of the methodology’s supporting detail.  If you have a moment read the Denver article and leave your feedback here.  Comments will be discussed during the July Coyote Cam postings.

The Coyote Cam camera was placed on our driveway this past month. Two Coyotes were there but only one was visible, the other appeared to be a ghost. Seems the rabbit population was decreased shortly thereafter as a carcass / remains was found up the street during my morning walk.   Coyotes – one, rabbits – 0.  Unfortunately, the camera was blowing around in the late evening wind and the picture was not real sharp.


Speaking of which it seems there will be less scenery available in the very near future. A local contractor intends to build a home on the vacant lot east of us. The loss of scenery will be hard to accept but then new neighbors should help to fill in some blank spots along the street.  Not sure the construction noise will be accepted by the Coyotes though.  However, the Coyotes wont be gone for long if history is any indication.

Stay Tuned, there is more to come on the Coyote Cam.


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