Lets feed the wildlife – or not!

Stop feeding the Wildlife! Sound familiar?

As an interested party in all things Coyote I use an aggregation program to scan the internet looking for articles about this predator. A recent article comes from the Chicago Tribune entitled, Slowik: Stop feeding coyotes, authorities tell Southland residents by Ted Slowik dated Jan. 16th, 2018.  The article and many other before it reiterate the advice to well meaning but highly misguided folks to stop feeding the wildlife.  In part, the practice of feeding wildlife encourages interaction between wildlife and humans.  This blog has reflected on many instances wherein people have knowingly and unknowingly fed wildlife.  Several humans in the course of feeding Coyotes have sustained serious bites and the animal later destroyed.

Let us examine the activity of feeding animals in general, no it doesn’t include Bigfoot.Bigfoot Warning Most of us have hand fed our pets.  Right?  Did you know there is a right way to feed treats?  Never offer anything to a pet using your extended fingers!  Place the treat into the palm of your hand and place your open palm under the pet’s muzzle.  Why?  The pet will use its tongue to pull the treat out of your open palm.  Otherwise, using your fingers to feed treats will encourage your pet to use its teeth to pull the treat to its mouth.  Now, a lot of folks tend to be skittish and will pull back when confronted with pet teeth – this causes the pet to aggressively pursue the treat.  Bitten fingers usually result from this method of treat feeding!  Meanwhile, your pet wonders why you are growling at it while holding your bleeding fingers in your now clenched fist!  Not a good thing!

Only a fool would hand feed treats to a wild animal. Nonetheless, there are fools that firmly intend to see that the wild life doesn’t starve to death!


The “Good Samaritan” leaves pet food by game trails or just throws some morsels over their back fence.  Lets not forget that canines especially those that hunt for a living have a sense of smell many times more powerful then humans.  Additionally, humans leave their scent on everything they touch.  A Coyote will associate the human scent with food and using that exemplary sense of smell literally find its next home – yours.  First and worse of all is that it imprints on the animal that humans are not to be avoided, humans provide food.  Next, the human provided food is always there – no hunting required.  Pet food is usually found in or near pet food bowls typically just a few steps from the human’s back door!  Oh – and along those game trails too.  The best buffet for a Coyote are the unsecured, loosely covered garbage cans.

Coyote Garbage Can

Several days of assorted foods found in garbage cans is great stuff for a hungry Coyote plus it is another easy hunt, no sweat.  So – humans equal easy food.  This action is dangerous to both animal and human!The Coyote isn’t the problem! The Coyote is doing what he/she does to get by in this world, they are hunting for food.

You may just attract the attention of something a tad bigger then a Coyote

Grizzly Warning

Don’t feed the Wildlife!

Stay tuned, there is more to come on the Coyote Cam.


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